Timber Garages


7ft Eaves
3 x 1.5 PAR Framing
14mm Tongue & Groove Weatherboard
Roof with Torch On Green Mineral Felt
Exterior Treated with Barrettine Wood Preserver
Fitted with Roller Shutter Door
Pedestrian Side Door
One Window 5ft x 2.5ft

16ft x 9ft - Price available on request
18ft x 10ft - Price available on request
20ft x 12ft - Price available on request

Erection on Customers Prepared Site - Price available on request


Price Details For Stables

Price per Standard Unit 12ft x 12ft
Price available on request

Erection Will Be on a 9ins Concrete Block
Base To Keep Timbers Dry

Cost of Erection Will Depend On Site And
The Number Of Units In Tandem

  Image above shows five standard 4ft x 12ft and 1 x 16ft x 12ft Stables

4 x 1.5 Whitewood
14mm Tongue & Groove Weatherboard
19mm 6ins Kicking Boards to approximately
4ft inside

Dimensions 7ft x 3ft x 3ins
15ins B&B Hinges
12ins Heavy Pattern Cross Bolts
Galvanised Kicking Bar
Galvanised Iron Protection on
bottom Door  
19mm Tongue & Groove Sheeting Fastened
back with 6ins Galvanised Cabin Hooks


Protected Inside 2 x 2 Heavy Gauge
weld Mesh


12mm Plywood With Torch On
Green Mineral Felt

Fitted Front and Back

  Treatment: All Exterior Timbers Treated With Barrettine Wood Preserver
Free Delivery on Self Assembly Buildings within a 20 mile radius of Crossgar All Prices include VAT at the standard rate
    Email: sales@macmillanofcrossgar.co.uk